Power Generation

A powerful new clean energy technology for power generation

Fossil-Free Resiliency

Climate change, power outages, and peak-load energy surcharges shouldn’t disrupt your energy access or your sustainability goals. With ClearFlame’s clean engine technology, you can now break free from diesel, reduce operating costs and slash emissions at the same time.

ClearFlame lets you power heavy-duty diesel generators – existing or new – on 100% renewable, plant-based biofuels with the same efficiency and durability … without any fossil fuels.


Replacing 1 MW of diesel genset power with 1 MW of ClearFlame’s fossil fuel free technology for 500 hours of run time would:


pounds of carbon emissions removed from the atmosphere each year, on average


in annual energy cost savings through backup generation, peak shaving and demand response


equivalent number of trees planted each year

Low-cost, clean energy to continually meet demand and slash emissions

Because gensets modified with ClearFlame to be clean-burning can be used for more than emergencies, customers get increased value from a ClearFlame genset compared to diesel. ClearFlame stationary and mobile gensets can complement and reduce the size of batteries by providing a lower-cost, high-performing rotating asset. ClearFlame gensets can power EV charging stations during an electrical outage, if grid capacity is limited, or during times of the day when peak demand is occurring.


Connect with ClearFlame to discuss opportunities to apply ClearFlame technologies to your genset applications.

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