Exploring partnerships with industry leaders, adapting ClearFlame technology for mining applications

The Heaviest of Heavy-Duty

Even as mining companies set high standards for carbon reduction, they face a number of challenges in operationalizing sustainable practices. Mining vehicles, like heavy-duty trucks, must meet a number of specific power and duty requirements, limiting their options when it comes to implementing alternative solutions. In addition, these companies tend to replace vehicles less frequently because of the long lifecycle of their heavy machines, Further, they operate across the world and locally available fuels vary. 


Heavy-duty mining truck operators see few options other than diesel when powering their heavy, 60 to 100-liter engines. ClearFlame could change that paradigm. Here’s how:

Power & duty

ClearFlame’s technology can match the durability and load capacity of a heavy-duty diesel. Their engine is 85% the same – it simply runs on renewable client fuels instead of diesel

Long life cycle

ClearFlame can be retrofitted into existing engines, allowing operators to still benefit from the longevity of their existing fleet

Ease of Service

Today’s diesel mechanics can easily integrate service and repair of ClearFlame technology

Fuel Adaptable

ClearFlame equips engines to run on any low-soot liquid fuel, which means heavy-duty operators can choose between 100% renewable ethanol or another locally available sustainable fuel.

Lower Costs

ClearFlame engines have a lower total cost of ownership than any alternative technology, including diesel, natural gas, EV and hydrogen.


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