Slash Harmful Engine Emissions & Reduce Costs Faster Than Any Other Available Technology

Now you can reduce engine emissions and save money, all without compromising engine performance.

Break free from diesel fuel price swings and continue saving. When implemented in long-haul Class 8 trucks, ClearFlame’s technology has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any current technologies, including diesel, natural gas, electric, and hydrogen, and is more rapidly implemented than any available alternative.

By the Numbers

ClearFlame’s heavy-duty emissions reductions and savings


Pounds of carbon emissions removed from the atmosphere each year, on average


Annual fuel cost savings for one truck running 100K miles per year


Equivalent number of trees planted each year


Annual reduction in barrels of fossil fuels

“Fleets don’t have to compromise. It is the easiest path to environmental savings that we desperately need.”

– Fred Gill, Senior Vice President of Sales

Keep on trucking

You don’t need to completely disrupt your operations to meet your sustainability goals. Keep leveraging your existing liquid fueling and maintenance infrastructure. Any mechanic who can service a diesel engine today can service one with our technology. 

Enjoy the Drive

ClearFlame modifies engines to break free from diesel fuel, without changing everything you love about compression-ignition engines. Enjoy the same power, run times and torque curve you expect.

A sustainability win for hard-to-electrify, heavy-duty transportation

ClearFlame provides scalable, measurable emissions reductions and air quality benefits, quickly reducing harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) and tailpipe emissions. Trucks equipped with ClearFlame’s technology reduce CO2 emissions significantly while lowering air quality emissions – particulate matter (soot) and nitrogen oxide (smog) – to nearly zero levels.

How Does ClearFlame Compare to Other Engine Technology for Fleets?

Other TechnologyThe ChallengeThe ClearFlame Solution
Electric battery powerElectric batteries require charging stations in different locations than drivers are used to. Run times may be reduced.ClearFlame lets you keep the same refueling infrastructure and the same reliable run times. 100% renewable ethanol is already widely produced and distributed.
Electric battery powerElectric battery engines are heavy and may require different maintenance.ClearFlame lets you keep your same engines and diesel mechanics.
HydrogenChallenging and costly to store and dispense, especially in mobile applications.ClearFlame lets you keep your same refueling infrastructure. Drivers can refuel as they normally would.
Spark-Ignited Engines Using Alternative FuelsSacrifice efficiency and torque.ClearFlame maintains all the characteristics of an internal combustion, compression ignition diesel engine, including scaling to any engine size or bore diameter.


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