American Agriculture: The Fastest Engine to a Lower Carbon Future

Imagine the Impact

ClearFlame’s technology modifies heavy-duty engines, from Class 8 semi-trucks to farm equipment, to quickly and cost-effectively run on 100% renewable plant-based biofuels, like ethanol, from America’s farmers.


less carbon dioxide emissions than fossil fuels, on path to net-zero


billon gallons of ethanol produced in the US each year


lower carbon by 2030, on
path to net-zero by 2050


fuel savings per gallon equivalent of ethanol compared to diesel

Massive potential for decarbonization in a massive industry

Together with partners like John Deere, we can transform the millions of heavy-duty engines to run on 100% renewable plant-based fuels, slash emissions, and drive a more sustainable future… faster than any alternative.


ClearFlame is a lower-cost, lower-emission, quickly-scalable solution

What stays the same with ClearFlame

  • How engines run
  • How vehicles handle
  • How vehicles refuel
  • Engine maintenance

What’s different with ClearFlame

  • No fossil fuels required
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Faster implementation than other alternatives
  • 45% less CO2 emissions
  • Reduces air pollution emissions to near-zero


Connect with ClearFlame to discuss opportunities to apply ClearFlame technologies to your heavy-duty Ag applications.

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