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Power System Costs and Emissions For EV Fast Charging

Power System Costs and Emissions For EV Fast Charging

EV fast charging represents a large and growing market. The US will need to increase fast charging stations by 6-10x the current number by 2030. Slow grid upgrades and costly demand charges threaten charging infrastructure development. This study by a major consulting group analyzes how new EV charging projects benefit from ClearFlame’s renewable on-demand power. 

An Independent Analysis by Major Consulting Group

​The aim of this study is to quantify the cost savings and carbon reduction groups like automotive dealerships, fuel stations, and daily rental fleets could expect to see by using different power sources for fast EV charging compared to the grid from 2022 to 2030.

This study analyzes how ClearFlame’s g-drive power generation technology: 

  • ClearFlame’s genset offers a more cost-effective and quick-to-set-up EV fast charging compared to other options
  • Up to 20% lower carbon intensity that the grid*
  • Plug-and play power for mobile and stationary applications
  • Grid independent, resilient during service outage and peak energy costs

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