ClearFlame Featured on FarmNext National TV

ClearFlame is making headlines for its revolutionary modified combustion engine technology.

July 12, 2022

ClearFlame’s innovative engine technology was featured in the Episode 1 of the PivotBio FarmNext series, a national television show featuring innovative American startups in agriculture. ClearFlame’s technology could enable wide-scale and rapid reductions in emissions and costs in the heavy-duty, hard-to-electrify sectors that power our economy, from agriculture to trucking fleets and power generation.

In the episode, ClearFlame’s cofounder and CEO, BJ Johnson, shared how the idea behind the company’s technology took shape when he and Julie Blumreiter, the company’s other cofounder and its CTO, were graduate students at Stanford. There, they refined the technology as part of their graduate thesis. 

During their search for a solution to make diesel engines sustainable, the ClearFlame founding duo made the breakthrough discovery that they could modify hard-to-electrify heavy-duty engines to break away from fossil fuels and run on cleaner, cost-efficient biofuels like ethanol from American farmers. That breakthrough became the now-signature ClearFlame emissions reduction technology for heavy-duty, internal combustion engines.

In the episode, Johnson explained how ClearFlame’s innovative solution puts energy access at the forefront of the sustainability conversation by providing another alternative to electrification, which not every community or industry has easy or immediate access to. 

ClearFlame’s engine technology is cost-effective, scalable, and cost-reducing and can work with a variety of alternative eco-friendly fuels. By addressing both sustainability and energy access, Johnson told FarmNext that ClearFlame can help put our planet on the fast-track to achieving net-zero emissions.


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