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The U.S. transportation sector alone uses 40 billion gallons of diesel fuel per year. That, combined with ever-stricter emissions regulations, creates an overwhelming need in the market for technology that eliminates or drastically reduces NOx, particulates, and CO2 without sacrificing performance or productivity. Without question, significant progress has already been made in battery and fuel cell technology to curb harmful emissions. However, these solutions may not be viable to displace all compression-ignition engines from some of their more demanding, heavy-duty applications in the timeframe needed to address climate change.

Because of the shortcomings of many proposed alternative solutions and the need to continue using heavy-duty liquid-fueled engines, the global demand for liquid fuel is unlikely to change dramatically. However, increasingly stringent emissions regulations are making continued use of diesel fuel more difficult. The world needs a solution to meet user demand for liquid fuels that are free from carbon and other emissions.

By the numbers

ClearFlame appeals to both engine manufacturers and end users while aiding in the global effort to restore a healthy climate. Compared to heavy-duty diesel compression ignition engines, ClearFlame delivers:


Same torque


Same efficiency


Diesel fuel


Explore Investment Opportunities

We are actively seeking opportunities to commercialize our transformative technology and would like to speak with companies, fleets, or other organizations seeking to support the use of non-fossil, renewable, decarbonized fuels in heavy-duty transportation and off-road equipment sectors. Both electric vehicle range extension and distributed power generation for prime, back-up, CHP, or microgrid power are particularly suitable early applications for our technology.

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