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Let’s clear the air, one engine at a time.

Our Impact

Harness your engines to slash costs and emissions, one engine at a time.

From fleets and long-haul trucking to agriculture, power generation, construction, and other non-road diesel sectors, you can now easily transform your diesel engines to quickly and cost-effectively reduce harmful emissions and lower total costs –all without new infrastructure or a green premium.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to eliminate fossil fuels in economies worldwide.

A cleaner diesel engine is possible today… without diesel fuel. Break free from fossil fuels with a new diesel engine technology that doesn’t need diesel at all.

Together with fleets, farmers, diesel mechanics, drivers, equipment operators, and communities around the world, we can slash emissions and expand energy access and independence.

3.3 million

Class 8 long-haul diesel trucks on US roads


US diesel mechanics


Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions with ClearFlame and 99% reduction in soot/PM

Our Belief

The climate cannot wait.

Electric is still more than a decade away from being workable for heavy-duty industries, like long-haul trucking. Trucking is a huge market, that is only growing in size. We need solutions that can work today.

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Our Founders

We are Driven by a Vision.

We founded ClearFlame Engine Technologies to create a fast, equitable solution to addressing climate change and the harmful emissions of hard-to-electrify sectors.

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“If we’re serious about achieving our climate goals, we need to deploy large-scale decarbonization this decade.”

– ClearFlame Co-Founder and CEO BJ Johnson

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Reduce harmful engine emissions without sacrificing performance.

ClearFlame’s new engine technology technology is transforming heavy-duty diesel engines to run cleaner, and more cost-effectively, on 100% renewable, plant-based fuels.

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